Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Watching yet another False Prophet

Dear Reader.

Hello.  Thank you for stopping by.  This blog is dedicated to warning all people, especially Catholics who hold great store in the reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary that have been taking place in Medjugorje since 1981, about the dangerous cult calling itself 'Caritas of Birmingham' and its leader Terry Colafrancesco.

Terry Colafrancesco calls himself "A Friend of Medjugorje" and has published a number of  books and other literature under this name.  These books in no way express the teachings of the Catholic Church and are merely Colafrancesco's own views on the role of women in marriage, where society is going, and The End Times.  However, the marketing and hype behind his books would imply to the casual reader that Colafrancesco is somehow prophetic and that he is offering an important book for all Christians.

The following is a link to some articles exposing Caritas of Birmingham and Terry Colafrancesco:


For those of you who wish, the following are links to Colfrancesco's own sites.  I offer these NOT because I endorse them in any way whatsoever but rather to illustrate that on the surface this organisation appears completely benign and is merely another Medjugorje site that a devout Catholic could mistake for being completely harmless:

http://www.mej.com   This merely redirects to the link below
http://www.medjugorje.com   This link is NOT the official Medjugorje website.
http://www.caritasofbirmingham.com  This is the groups official website

Some trustworthy Medjugorje sites:

http://www.medjugorje.hr/   - This would appear to be the official, multi-lingual Medjugorje website.


Other Links:


If you are a Catholic, please think again before becoming involved with this organisation or donating to it.
If you know someone who is getting involved with this group, please gently direct them to the above links and warn them that this is a fringe organisation whom many people consider to be a dangerous cult.

On What Grounds Do I Consider Caritas of Birmingham to be a Cult?

Basically on the following grounds:

1)  Most of the priests and visionaries in Mejugorje are urging pilgrims to stay away from this organisation.  It has no official links with the Roman Catholic Church.

2) I trust the impartial,  international bodies who monitor the various cults world-wide.  If these organisations consider Caritas of Birmingham to be a cult, and Terry Colafrancesco to be the cult leader, then I listen to them.

3) I trust the testimonies of ex-members who have lived in Caritas of Birmingham and have since left it.  They allege that the organisation is purely concerned with making money and it's member's (genuine, well meaning, devout Catholics) have been duped and brainwashed by Terry Colafranceso who controls all aspects of their lives.

4) I trust the judgement of well known Catholics i.e: Mother Angelica (founder of EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network) who despite being located close to the Caritas of Birmingham's headquarters, has ALWAYS discouraged Catholics from going there.  This is also the official view of EWTN itself.,

5) From my own experience where people are concerend, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Any person who sets themselves up as an ultimate authority over the lives of other people is a danger.  You need only look at people like David Koresh and Jim Jones to see where that leads.  Terry Colafrancesco claims that there is no priest in the world who can understand the mission that he alone has been given. 

6) Like many cults, Caritas of Birmingham is parasitical.  It feeds off something good and wholsome (like peoples genuine desire for faith and holiness) in order to serve its own ends.  In other words, it makes its followers victims by working them hard, teaching them hard, and telling them that disobedience is evil. 

God Bless you, and please do not allow anyone to steal away the faith which God our Father has given us.


  1. Andrew, do you know of a connection between Terry Colafrancesco and Frank Williams of globalsilverinvestors.com?

    The public record shows that there is definitely a link, but I don't know what the relationship is (also don't want to post exactly which records in case they get taken down, but will message them privately).

    I'm asking because some of my family received material urging them to buy silver from Frank. The tone of the material they received rang alarm bells for me, so I did some research and found this link between Frank and Terry and would like to understand it better. I'm pretty sure my family would not see eye-to-eye with Terry. Now that they are being urged to by silver from Frank, I care a lot about what that connection is.

    Many thanks.

  2. Hello John.

    Thanks for posting. I don't often view this blog so my apologies for not replying sooner.

    In his book "It Ain't Gonna Happen", Colafrancesco talks about the global meltdown and how people will scramble to buy precious metals: gold, silver, bronze as money will become valueless.

    I'm not surprised if there is a link between Colafrancesco and Williams

    Conveniently, Colafrancesco sells precious metal coins for those people who are worried about global meltdown etc.

    A friend of mine (one whom I worry about) has spent a few thousand dollars on what can only be described as large, silver, miraculous medals with Caritas stamped all over them. Cannot remember exactly, but I think they show the "Field of Apparition" and/or the "Bedroom of Apparition" - places in Caritas where Marija, one of the Medjugorje Visionaries reportedly had her visions there. Colafrancesco then embellieshed these, hyped them up and lo-and-behold, he has manufactured himself a Marian shrine.

    I'm sorry that you or your family have been disturbed by mail urging them to buy silver. In my opinion, this is not of God. It reminds me of when Jehovah's Witnesses come around, urging me to join them before it's too late and God's wrath comes. Behind all this is the manipulation of people through fear.

    John. I don't know if you are a Catholic or not. If you are, I would urge you to find peace of mind in 2000 years of Church Wisdom as inspired by the Holy Spirit in generations of honest, devout people. Please do not let ANYONE inject fear and poison into your faith.

    God Bless.

    1. Hello Andrew,
      Thank you for taking the time to alert your fellow catholics. Your comments are very clear and informative. Do you have any updates

  3. There is NO doubt that TF is a quirky fellow. You will never hear me comment about that. BUT here are a few facts:

    1) Frank Williams is independent of Caritas and distributes the silver Medallions for NO profit ($1.99 over spot price),
    2) The other inscription on the Medallion is the Miraculous Medal. On Nov. 27, 1989, Our Lady of Medj said "I want you to spread the devotion and the carrying of this medal, so that more souls may be saved..."
    3) Silver is a hot item. The US Mint has not been able to keep up with demand for silver eagles and twice it has temporarily had to stop production.
    4) So the idea is that all kinds of folks can be exposed to the Miraculous Medal, which can bring conversion.

    The MM is well known as miraculous... apart from any discussion of personalities at Caritas and various people who may have legitimate gripes. Marija Lunetti still visits just about every 2 years.

    1. Hey what is this all about, money, or Our Lady? Do you really know?

    2. And I'm pretty sure that a Caritas member is posting on your site under the disguise of an independent individual.

  4. If Caritas is of God, it will continue to flourish regardless of all contradictions against the movement. If it is of the devil, then it will fizzle out. Be careful! You might find yourself fighting against God Himself!

  5. As a person who has traveled to Caritas, visited the supposed site of Mary visions , have direct relatives who are devoted to this place I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that this is a massive scam. It preys upon peoples fears and hopes to grasp and draw faith from any shred of a miracle. In my opinion it is a cult and should be treated as such. I was always taught to never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. This is it.
    The concept of people praying as a group in any location is fine but to bring people together and say " Mary is going to appear in a field at 10:00 on Thursday and Monday or whatever day is just foolish nonsense. Then when this amazing event is done they steer you to a gift shop because of course no apparatus would be complete without some overpriced trinkets and souvenirs. Come on people. Have faith in God but don't be so gullible.

  6. I worked there briefly. Its a Cult. They worship mary. He takes their money. no TV, no phone......wants them to lose total contact with the outside world so he can brainwash them and work them to death. They need to hang Terry from the cross they built on the hill. I feel so sorry for those who have fallen for it. Terri is a sicko.... me and my children saw him and his wife at the beach dancing from bar to bar , while a;; his follower are working theirself to death. It is just like the movie "the Village" they're nuts. Terri obviously doesnt believe in God to run a scam like this.......cant wait til he meets God.

  7. Why are people so desperate and stupid. Jesus said "They will say Im here , they will say im there.....but do not listen

  8. The Cult of Mary is on TV. This person Terry, is he still around? Wondering if he's hooked up with another cult, in the Ohio/Virginia area. I can relate to Mike's wife on this show, and the fact that my marriage suffered too. Bad stuff!

  9. I need an opinion please.
    I was a monthly donor to this group up until today. I got material in the mail from this group and lo and behold they are super pushing a fund raiser, to the extent that they tell me I should give to them only that their mission is most important. (Other statements were made as well). My blood began to boil. I went online and cancelled my donations. There are very many worthwhile causes out there and I support what I can. My question is this: I am considering sending a copy of what they sent me to the local bishop. just so he can know what this guy is up to. What do you think?